Lexi– Considering the fact that we are new to this, me and the beautiful Jamie Larrissa are going to blog about Silverwood today! 😀 Later today me and Jamie are going to our friend Ana’s house, meeting another friend Amanda there. We are having a huge sleepover with just the four of us. It’s going to be AMAZING! Then tomorrow at around 8 in the morning we are heading off to a twelve hour day at SILVERWOOD!!! YAY!!! 😀 I could just see it now…. But anyways. We are going to ride ALL the rides!! SO EXCITED!!!!!

Jamie- so like the amazingly awesome lexi was saying’ our trip to silverwood is going to be fun!!! besides the fact that we are really beat up with all the bruses and scratches we should have a blast with our two friends amanda and ana. We are also going to take some fun pics for you guys to show you hwo much fun we had!! We’ll show you how fun we girls really are lol. So for all you blog readers out there i have a quick question for you: when you go to a blogging page, what is it you would want to read about? give us some ideas to write about and we’ll try and give the readers what they want 🙂 Thanks reading Lexis and Jamies blog!!! You can also email us your ideas at, also follow us on twitter at LexiandJamie. Facebook page coming soon!


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