*jamie* This is jamie 🙂 and today we have a football game where i have to play pepband and lexi ahs to cheer lol. Then after words we are going to kxly to be on the news. that should be interesting. And i get to boss around little jr highers. they make me laugh sometimes though witch is good. But anyways today it was raining and once again i dont have my jacket witch is bad! so Kevin is going to bring me one 🙂 oh i didnt tell you guys about Kevin. Yeah hes all mine lol but anyways my class is so weird, im in yearbook right now, and boy are they hyper but they make me laugh as well. Being the editor puts alot of presure on you. you may not think so but it really does. Its up to you to push the people to getting there pages done and then submitting the yearbook. And makein sure the students of the school aregoing to like it and not just throw it away.. I want to make a great yearbook not just a boreing one. Like last year was ok it was kinda boreing though but then again there was like 5 of us who were actully working out of the 12. and im the only one from last year who signed up for this year so that made me automatic editor. well i should go now. so ttyl 🙂


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