LIttle Kids

*jamie* WOW is it just me or does it seem like the younger the generation is getting the meaner they are. Like im in this class today with a bunch of 7th graders it think and boy do they have poddy mouths! The over here cussing up a storrm! and not to menchin they are hitting on me haha silly little kids. Something needs to be done about this. It seems like the younger they are getting the more they are being introduced to like the cussing and the violence and its showing when they go to school. they are means to others in their grade and teachers and the high schoolers. its BAD! Oh and it kinda seems like they are getting shorter lol not trying to be mean or anything. I just relived something the other day; as soon as my class graduates the school is going to be screwd for sports, like all the younger kids dont like them or they are just bad at them haha that sounds really mean but its tottly true. well i must go so i will get back with you later.


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