School events

*jamie* ok so this week is spirit week, wow might i just add, and he have some ok days

monday pj day

tuesday cowboy day

thursday injury day

and friday maroon and gray day

wednesday we didnt have school so we didnt have o dress up. But so far the Jrs (my class) is kicking butt! even thought the Srs are trying to cheat. ITS NOT WORKING!! Jrs are going to win so they should just give up lol. But anyways, we have some pretty intence pep rallys that go on throughout the week and today was an ok one where the Jrs should have obviouls won but whatever sophomores got lucky this time. It wont happen again. And then we have to tailgate party Friday (Lame) where the news people come out and they cook dinner for people i think, idk. Its weird i know. Yeah…. my school is pretty awesome 🙂 I should go now ttyl


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