Im so confused.

*jamie*          Why hello again. Ok so this year im the editor of our yearbook and wow is it confusing, there is so much more to it then i had to do last year. There is so much on mu shoulders and i dont know if i can handle it right now. Im like supper stressed, between this and SATs coming up and all the other big tests i dont kow how im going to work through this. I’ll find a way, i always do. or i try to at least. If you were in my foot steps what would you do? I think i took on more then i can take, but i take any of it back now, its to late. I guess it will look really good on my college aplication. So hats an up side, but other then that i dont kow what to do. And ontop of that it feels like ive been screwing things up with him. i dont know how to explain it because every time i try to it always comes out wrong and it messes with things and then i get fustrated. And being fusrtated and stressed at the same time is not good it tends to make me an angry person and then i get emotional and yeah im just an around mess. i dont know how he deals with it. lol but yeah i should get back to class. so ill be sure to complain more later 🙂 ttyl


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