Places where you shouldn’t oblige men to go

Women are usually the creative half of the couple so they often come with ideas of spend time. Here are some tips related to the places where you shouldn’t go with men.


There are few men who like adventure on the top of the mountains or admiring the sunset in the mountains. There they don’t have internet, e-mail or TV where they can see a football game. If you love nature the beach is perfect. Sunset, beer, love and return to civilization. This is far more interesting for men.


If you must choose what to do on weekends, never choose the opera. Culture is always important but men don’t like places where they spend a lot of money on tickets and they can’t even understand the concert’s language. If you like cultural activities, choose ballet. He can see there women with a beautiful body and also admire the dance show.


Which is the picture that men have on shopping? You follow her through each store while she tries a lot of T-shirts, skirts, dresses or shoes while you try to convince her that she doesn’t look fat in that clothes. If you like to try clothes, don’t take him to the mall. You’d better ask him to clean the house than go with you.

Relationship workshops

All men try to avoid the mistakes done in a relationship but few are willing to listen other’s advice on that. It’s complicated enough for them to maintain the relationship freshness so having the patience to stay and listen different “specialists” opinion is really impossible. If you want to talk intimate things with him you’d better do this at home, together.


2 Responses to “Places where you shouldn’t oblige men to go”

  1. wow i love to camp and watch the sunset and i dont mind to shop and i absolutley love operas ya know what i dont really think you guys are giving good advice on this website of yours

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