8 days people

*jamie* you have no idea how excited i am about my birthday! im like supper excited. So ill give you a little update on my life right now. Volleyball has one week left and then basketball starts, i cant wait. Even though i do love volleyball, i dont know i guess im just kinda tired of it right now. I was sick yesterday and still am today but i wanted to go so i could play saturday. Things are just complicted at home and i dont know where to start. I lost my key to my room so i really to find it if i wanna keep my room safe and yeah i really mad about that but im sure ill find it soon. Im really not looking forword to pratice today i dont know why i just have a bad feeling about it, of corse i always do. Im supper stress about school and the SATs and omg there is so much more. Lately i have just been to tired to really do anything or even to dress up like i usully do. And because im so stressed im starting to break out! and the just really makes me mad. But this weekend it halloween and i am going to have fun. And take away the stress, stress is bad. People say its good but i dont see how it is, Why dont you tell me. My back hurts my sholder hurts, my hip hurts, ect.. Im just full of complaints today. And you all get to read about them šŸ™‚ Im supper excited about softball i love it more then any other sport. Sorry volleyball. although i could defently take my anger out on the ball today in volleyball when im hitting. But then again i dont have alot of energy, lately i have had no energy. Im always tired, have a headach and just dont really feel like doing anything. Have you ever had those days? My goodness it feels like im just writing in my journal haha. My journal thats on the enternet… Thats not good haha, oh well . Oh and today is my sister boyfriends birthday. So i told him happy birthday and i told him lastnight to when he came over. Kevin came over last night too. He was extra tired so he took a nap šŸ™‚ and then my silly grandma woke him up and i felt bad but he got to sleep after that šŸ™‚ Yeah well i sould go… stupid school. TTYL ā¤ Jamie


One Response to “8 days people”

  1. I come get you saturday and we are gonna watch movies all night and pig out on junk food and chocolate šŸ™‚ have a good day at school babe. love you.

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