*Lexi* I know i know, I havent been on much. Between cheerleading, running start, and high school i dont have much time. To update you on my life, a couple days ago i was in a car wreck. I rolled my car and i probably shouldnt have made it out. The drivers side of the car is completely dead. Its all mushed up and crazy. But lucky me, i only have bruises and minor scrapes on my face. I got out of the car just fine. Oh! and im having guy troubles, as usual. I dont know. I just, i dont EVEN know! Haha, thats a Lexi and Peri thing. Long story, maybe another time. But anyways. I also wanted to say that lately I have been obsessed with this song, Love Like Woe by The Ready Set. Its AMAZING. Its just so catchy. Everyone should listen to this song at least once! Well, ill try to get on as often as i can. Bye! ❤


One Response to “HEY!!!”

  1. Lexi, if I could kill anyone with my mind it would be you.
    Oh by the way ily ❤

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