Who to trust?

*Lexi* The one thing that irritates me more in any type of relationship, be it best friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, is lying. I believe that to lie to someone is to take your trust away. Another thing that annoys me is when plans are ALREADY MADE you shouldnt go and plan something with someone else. Its rude, especially if you tell the person you cant do something last minute because you made plans with someone else. UGH!!!!! I am so annoyed and angry right now that im surprised im not writing in all caps. The stupid thing for me to do was trust him. After how many plans he has backed out of, or how many times he didnt tell me something, i cant believe how stupid i was to believe he wouldnt do it again. Especially because he told me I was his best friend. Why would he do things like this that hurt not only me, but our other friend too? Its like he doesnt know the damage he is causing.  I feel like im getting replaced and pushed away and i dont understand why. I mean i have an idea, but we cant talk about it. It just dont know what to do anymore, i feel like an idiot. The really upsetting thing is that i dont know who is lying to me. My best friend or my source. You’d think on first instict i would go with him, but i just cant do that. ”I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on i cant trust you.” Friedrich Nietzsche. thinkexist.com/quotations/trust


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