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What a weekend :)

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 So this weekend was pretty great! I had a 6 day weekend! YAY ME! And the snow made it all the more fun 🙂 I went sledding and hung out with the person i care about, and my family lol. I also went snowmobiling! LOVE IT! except he scared me on it… but it was fun :). Thanksgiving was an okay day i guess idk, we had a cousin come out from idk where and im pretty sure hes still here. been here for about 2 weeks now and hes ALOT. we have like no food left. It sucks. But thats what friends are for lol jk jk. Dont use your friends people 🙂 But now i have 3 weeks and then im off for another 2 weeks for christmas vacation! OMG guess what! ok so this thanksgiving was our 3 months and our 4 months is on christmas! how amazingly awesome is that! If you ask me i think thats pretty darn great lol. Im full of happyness today although the begining was bad but thats ok. I think i got about 2 hours or less of sleep last night, it was just a bad night. But it made me relize that i dont want to loose him 🙂 and i wont 🙂 I guess as a couple we have to know that we are going to get little fights now and then but we cant it ruin our relationships. YOU HEAR THAT PEOPLE! Dont let little fights ruin your relationships, my sister and her boyfriend did and now they are no longer together, i feel bad cuz they kinda introduced me and kevin and their relationship went down south and ours keeps going up lol well thats just really good for me and him but i still kinda feel bad for my sister. Wow i have wrote alot and my hands are knda hurtsing right now so ill will write again when i can move my hands 🙂 ttyl




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~Lexi~ We cant get this site going if no one will read it! We need comments and suggestions! PLEASE!


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~Lexi~ So i get on from time to time and read Jamie’s posts. Do i agree with all of them? No. But do i care what she writes? Not really. It’s her thoughts and feelings and i support them 100%. We write to you to give you something to read. She absolulty loves this blog and I’m glad we came up with this idea. I should ge ton more often though. Contribute. I mean, my name is on this so why not? Whether people read this thing or not. I just wish more people would get on and read it. We need ideas to write and questions to answer. We want to be the most read blog on the web but we cant do that without you 🙂

Justin Bieber

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*jamie* I dont get it. Why are girls going CRAZY for this kid. I mean ya hes hot but you know hes kinda big headed. Why dont you tell me what you hink of him. Me personly i think hes ok, his music is ok from time to time. I will admit at first i was a bieber fan but then his face was EVERYWHERE! Then i got tired of people talking about him. Saying they are going to marry him. COME ON PEOPLE! Hes a superstar, theres no way he will pick a regular girl. NO WAY! But i wanna know what you think of him. So go ahead and leave a lil comment about Justin bieber.


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*jamie* OMG it snowed! Il ove the snow! its just so beautiful. It can make just about anything turn pretty. :). I can wait till it snows more that way we can have snow days and i have friends come over and we can just head to the hills for sleding and snowbording and snowball fights! AHH! i can wait! The one thing that i really dont like about it though is what it does to the roads. It makes it supper slipery and hard to drive in but thats ok i guess. Thats why we have quads and snowbils. :). Right now we only have like 2 inches but i really want it to snow more cuz if that happens then most likely ill have a 2hour late start! and i get to sleep in! i need to. I havent been getting any sleep lately and it really sucks haveing to go to school with like zero energy. But then i like to talk to my friends…about the snow lol. Snow is great; it makes awesome pics! And you get to build snowmen and snow forts and ahhhh! I LOVE IT!

Pep Assembly

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*jamie* So a week after we win the 2B state champs they decide to put on a pep assembly . It was gay. I dont know why they did it they dont support us at all, so why bother. But i guess it nice that they did it……a week after. Then they tell us they have to show us something. A stunt. Big whop. You have perverted guys holding prepy.. i shouldnt finish that.. But anyways, So they show us and im like wow ok thats not boreing at all. I think the only upside to this was the pie people brought us :). But apperently im selfish cuz i would give Daniel any, cuz he is a jack***. Yea what a great day. Funny thing is the cheerleaders were complaining about not being able to go to the state playoffs. They dont supports us during school so why should we take them with us? It would just be an excuss to get out of class, screw that, make them sit in class and be bored while we go to yakima and win. Oh by the way WE WON 2B STATE CHAMPS 🙂 Thats the only up side to this right now, well actully that and hanging out with Kevin 🙂

stupid stupid stupid

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*jamie* This school is stupid. The front office told them i was running and yelling in the hall way. Really? Firstof all i hardly talk at school so why would i be running and yelling? BULLSHIT! Now im being yelled at for doing nothing! This is gay. This day just totaly went to hell, forgot my food at home, being called selfish so no fing reason, and being yelled at. just freaking great. Soooo yea. bye.