Tomarrow :)

*jamie* well tomarrow is my birthday and im supper happy about it 🙂 alothough i  know not all the poeple i want to be there arent going to be…. but thats ok…. i guess. Well idk i was in a really good mood but now im just kinda… blah.. I cant have candy anymore cuz it causes me to break out. So halloween sucks. Omg. So for halloween this year i got stuckwalking around 2 little brats that i cant stand. While there mothers went and had some drinks. Stupid. So mu halloween pretty much sucked. I washopeing to go to a party or something but oh no, nothing fun can happen with im with my family. And if it is fun they find a way to ruin the fun. Except for Mom and Dad, its mainly gradma. I swear is biopolar, shes supper mean one day then the next shes all lovey dovey. She confuses me. Im bored. Yearbook class kinda sucks. They dont do anything!! and it pisses me off. ugh. not looking forword to volleyball tonight, i have a bad feeling about it. But then again i always do. So i should go now…..


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