*jamie* Life is good today :). I still have this bad pain in my back but thats ok, i can deal with it. I was suppose to go to hinas today to say hi to her and her family but they have church tonight so i cant. But thats ok. Theres always next time. WoW. people in my yearbook class are special, like Partric for example. He is the loudest and most annoying kid ive meet this year, every day he gives me a hug though. Why i dont understand. I do admit im kinda a brat to him, but then again i am to everyone sooooo thats ok >:). I woulnder whats going to happen when i get home tonight… i hope no one trys to be mean but you never really know. Last time Kevin came over he got introuble for falling alseep on my bed. I felt bad. And so now im worried about what grandma is going to say tonight. Mom and Dad said it was ok so i dont see what the big deal was. Oh well. I guess we will find out tonight. I just hope everything goes ok, im sure it will though. Ok well i should probably get back to class they seem to be getting out of control right now. I swear its like babysitting a bunch of 2 year olds at times….


2 Responses to “Life”

  1. Hey, I am in your yearbook class. I am actually one of the two normal-ish people in there 🙂
    ps: the other normal-ish person is you.

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