Pep Assembly

*jamie* So a week after we win the 2B state champs they decide to put on a pep assembly . It was gay. I dont know why they did it they dont support us at all, so why bother. But i guess it nice that they did it……a week after. Then they tell us they have to show us something. A stunt. Big whop. You have perverted guys holding prepy.. i shouldnt finish that.. But anyways, So they show us and im like wow ok thats not boreing at all. I think the only upside to this was the pie people brought us :). But apperently im selfish cuz i would give Daniel any, cuz he is a jack***. Yea what a great day. Funny thing is the cheerleaders were complaining about not being able to go to the state playoffs. They dont supports us during school so why should we take them with us? It would just be an excuss to get out of class, screw that, make them sit in class and be bored while we go to yakima and win. Oh by the way WE WON 2B STATE CHAMPS πŸ™‚ Thats the only up side to this right now, well actully that and hanging out with Kevin πŸ™‚


4 Responses to “Pep Assembly”

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