*jamie* OMG it snowed! Il ove the snow! its just so beautiful. It can make just about anything turn pretty. :). I can wait till it snows more that way we can have snow days and i have friends come over and we can just head to the hills for sleding and snowbording and snowball fights! AHH! i can wait! The one thing that i really dont like about it though is what it does to the roads. It makes it supper slipery and hard to drive in but thats ok i guess. Thats why we have quads and snowbils. :). Right now we only have like 2 inches but i really want it to snow more cuz if that happens then most likely ill have a 2hour late start! and i get to sleep in! i need to. I havent been getting any sleep lately and it really sucks haveing to go to school with like zero energy. But then i like to talk to my friends…about the snow lol. Snow is great; it makes awesome pics! And you get to build snowmen and snow forts and ahhhh! I LOVE IT!


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