Winter Break


Hey there so im pretty happy i have 3 days left of school and then im on vacation for a while. And christmas is coming up and im like supper excited about it soooooo yeaa 🙂 Im like supper tired right now i think i need a nap:/ BUTTT i have a stupid concert today that i dont really want to go to but whatever might as well just get it over with that way i can just go home and sleep for a while. That seems like a nice plan to me. 😦 I never get to see lexi anymore. Shes always gone. Same with Brandi. hmmmmmm. OH this weekend is going to be fun 🙂 Friday im going to springdale for basketball and then saturday we have a game at reardan aginst Liberty, which we will totally win bother btw. and then saturday after the basketball game the four of us (me, kevin, leila, and brian) are all heading out to idaho to go see my cousin and her NEW BABY! Im pretty stoked about that 🙂 Welllll i should take a little nap so ill ttyl 🙂


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