WOW one day away! All i have left is an hour and i am on vacation! Soooo excited! Like you have no idea! I like supper stoked for christmas though its going to be so fun :). Like i said befor today is the last day of school and Hina got a an awesome present! Its perfume and it smells soooo good! Its queen Latifia perfume! AWESOME! so far this day has gone by pretty fast and im like really happy about that 🙂 Cuz usually when i want something to be over time goes by so slow it seems like. but latly every time i wanted it to go fast it has! Oh and i get to go to springdale today for basketball and another game at reardan tomorrow and we had another one here lastnight….. 3 days of basketball games…. yikes. But hey i smell like really good right now so im happy anout that and im sure everyone will love that! i think they are really going to love the smell though cuz its like totaly awesome. wow i sound supper preppy lol my bad. My hands hurt so ill write again later ttyl 🙂


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