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This should be a snow day

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Every school but mine is closed today…. This is soooo not fair. This week is winter fest for us and davenport for the golden plunger lol, weird i know but its tradition. This year we are totaly going to win! The dresss up days are kinda stupid though.

Monday- winter day

Tuesday- Collage Day

Wednesday- staff day

Thursday- Superhero Day

Friday- Maroon And Gray Day

No one really likes this years pick but whatever. And today doesnt even count cause davenport doesnt have school today sooo that screws it up. Yea sooooooo i should get back to class..math…yuck.


TOP 10 Pop music hits

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1) Grenade – Bruno Mars

2)Fireworks – Katey Perry

3)We are Who We Are – Ke$ha

4)Whats My Name – Rihanna Featuring Drake

5)Rais Your Glass – P!nk

6)Black and Yellow – Wiz Khalifa

7)Tonight(Im loving you) – Enrique Iglasias Featureing Ludacris & DJ Frank E

8)Bottoms Up – Trey Songz Featureing Nicki Minaj

9)The Time (Dirty Bit) – Black Eyed Peas

10)Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars

Winter Break

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❤ Jamie

Well this year this winter break was a little boring….. I didnt really do much, just hung out with kevin and a little bit with Hina. I didnt get a chance to wright this break so im like haaappy to tell you what happened 🙂

This break, as we all know was christmas and new years. I had 3 different christmases this year, it was nice. I had one at my house one and my great grandmas house and one at Kevins house. I didnt get much but im happy with what i got. OH and my cousin had her baby this break so now great grandma is a great great grandma, DANG! And my Grandpa Jim is a great grandpa lol he’s not to happy about that. I also found out my 18 year old cousin got a 14 year old girl prego…. yikes…. not good at all. They lieing about her age for the longest time saying that she was 16 buttttttttt….. shes not. Far from it. How bad is that? Pretty dang bad. Then for new years we were suppose to hang out with some friends but that never happened so Kevin and i went to riverfront park and watched the fireworks 🙂 There was this DJ guy there and he was doing a youtube video of spokane or something like that and they had people danceing in the streat and WOW some people CAN NOT dance. But i should go… TTYL